Youth Sports Industrial Complex

07 Sep

When you enter Promise Town
be sure to immediately
sell your family down the river
on the possibility of a few more kicks and throws,
on the hopes of your child making it to the pros.
Grind them down.
Let them model adults pounding out squabbles
over cash flow woes
while the hotel, gear, and gas bills grow.
Just know, out of the door goes
any chance at meteor-shower shows under campfire glow;
other lessons in life from failing and hearing no;
time for evening walks to ask: “How does it go?”

Heed this call
while furled in bed:
Truly weigh your options before bled
by today’s youth sports,
for like an iron curtain,
some experiences may partition your life out of sorts.

Your decision, parent, will make all the difference.
Consider being their deliverance.