Shapes, Reasons, Chilean Seasons

09 Dec

For love and war,
or war and love,
I stand for one in Plaza de Armas, La Serena.

Weapons Square.

By design,
positioned where men once hedged for the protection
of civil liberties and prayer,
fenced with government buildings,
cathedrals, and
rescue from despair;
a common space within
South American cities
where one now occupies a park bench,
days spent
kissing for hours
under showers of long shadows,
dining on local fare,
watching administrators amble
or scramble,
vendors pitching their wares.
Perfectly-lain tiles form a large sphere
around a central water fountain,
feminine statures of bodily bare,
positioned in four seasons
instruct radiating pathways
to ensnare locals from
far corners of a pequeña fair.
Here, last light illuminates
delightful colonial structure
in blood oranges and ruby-red flares.

My coastal Chilean lair – serene secrets of southern delights,
fatigued by Pacific flight of a salty air
lite across my outstretched

Jason Z Guest