I’d Rather Message You By Bottle

22 Jun

Dated 22 June 1997
Pitcairn Island
Southwestern Shore
25°04'06.1"S 130°06'46.5"W

Standing at the highest point,
hope grows
in the lowest of lows.

I seal this bottle,
and with the heaviest of heaves
toss into the sea below.
May rocks not break
my willing part
so that with good fortune
a mate of fate
will long to know
who wrote this poem.
Bring your wild heart.
Show them
one restless with a status quo.
My sea is rich with fish,
of lands soiled in delight,
its shores guarded without safe harbor, the
stars as your reading light.
Come. Breathe life into your dress
with a Pacific breeze. Join me
in a tempered life of solitude and ease.
Ask around for the poet of
Adamstown. Please.

Now blow wind.