Day Inside Head

25 May

Call it quits
Call it a day
Day drinking
Day breaks
Breaks from work
Breaks keep ticking
Ticking clock
Ticking the list
List of to dos
List grows long
Long days
Long nights
Nights of questions
Nights of news
News numbing neurons
News will not stop
Stop the madness
Stop the rush
Rush to judgment
Rush to the store
Store away items
Store in the cloud
Cloud forms
Cloud brings rain
Rain pours
Rain in the streets
Streets empty
Streets open for travel
Travel for focus
Travel far away
Away in the car
Away from Corona
Corona time
Corona of sunlight
Sunlight feeds the soul
Sunlight over waters
Waters bring calmness
Waters glitter
Glitter from splashing
Glitter of silver
Silver fish
Silver lining
Lining the beach
Lining up
Up to my waist
Up above my head
Head swimming
Head full of dreams
Dreams replenished
Dreams …
Swimming ...