Back To Nature

30 Dec

Little dark men
stood along the shore
a mile or more away –
shadow men
pondering, “Who are they?”

Rowed ashore
nearest New Zealand
1,500 miles away,
a culture recorded
only through lore,
a landmark day
of 1937 for Thor.
Explorer Heyerdahl and bride
rowed ashore
from a breadfruit schooner 
in the deep blue, moored.
“I’ll be back for you
here in one year,”
they were told.
Behold! The otherworldly
abode of sheer green slopes,
of undisturbed blues and greens,
a world so quiet,
no longer spinning, it seemed.
They lived on fish and fruits,
challenging the world’s
conception of
Polynesian roots.

With cannibals at bay
by settling safely away
in the Uia Valley
tallying zoological wonders
of the world,
they curled into stories of 
the Kon-Tiki way,
upon the island of Fatu-Hiva,
amongst nature’s 
most splendid array.