Heritage Poetry: A Look at Villa de San Fernando de Tinguiririca

28 Jul

Across opening pages, a salutation from poet Jorge Antonio Albornoz Figueroa, Poeta, Gestor Cultural Presidente, Centro de Extensión Cultural LibreArte reads: "Para el poeta Jason Guest. Este libro con poesía patrimonial de San Fernando. Jorge Albornoz Figueroa. La Serena, Octubre 24 de 2018."

In both book and photographic exhibition, "Villa de San Fernando de Tinguiririca Poesía Patrimonial" presents an amalgam of colors and words produced by six local poets and an audiovisual artist. It delivers thirty-six poems and thirty-eight photographs in nomadic exhibition, walking the reader through colleges, theaters, houses of culture, libraries and ventures of the elderly.

This book of heritage poetry addresses the task of six poets of San Fernando, summoned to write about six heritage monuments: Casa Patronal Fundo Lircunlauta, Iglesia y Claustro San Francisco, Capilla Hijas de la Caridad San Vicente de Paul, Liceo Neandro Schilling, Cárcel de San Fernando, and Huellas de Dinosaurios. Here, history, ideas and sources are revealed by these poets. One such example presents a poem by Luis Faúndez, a professor who suffered imprisonment and torture during the Chilean dictatorship. The descriptions are, at times, difficult to consume, yet as Figueroa points out, there is poetry in these words.

I am proud of my friend, Figueroa, and his fellow poets, who captured these monuments in time. Those other poets include Jeniffer Argomedo Hodgkinson, Sergio Terán Cortez, Vylma Rosales Solís de Ovando, Luis Faúndez Roa (Lufaro) and Elina Torres Verdugo. While San Fernando may suffer the scars of earthquakes, its memory will not be erased thanks to the determination of these writers. Their efforts are good for Sanfernandina poetry, for its citizens and in testimony for future generations.

About Me

Jason Z Guest, based in Austin, is a poet, publicist and seventh-generation Texan. He owns communications firm, Guest Public, and partners in Argentina’s Caburé Films. A late bloomer to the poetic form, he contributes to Austin musician Bob Schneider’s creative writing group. While a lifetime of colorful characters and southern charm shape his spirited voice, it is a love of Latin America, travel and the outdoors that fuels his stylistic hallmarks. Guest has presented his poetry at international literary festivals both in El Salvador for the International Literary and Arts Festival of Santa Ana, and in Chile by invitation of the Chilean Writers Society in honor of celebrated Nobel laureate Gabriela Mistral.