I come from a seventh-generation Texas family and am native to the arguably famous Paris, Texas. The patriarch of our family surveyed uncharted territories, laying down roots in the early 1830s. Family lore tells of his intent to join Austin's colony, a community I now call home with my family.

As an avocation, I write poetry. A lifetime of colorful characters and southern charm have shaped my voice. Never shy to storytelling, I belong to an obscure Texas order affectionately known for its satire and contribute weekly to a creative writing group led by Austin musician Bob Schneider.

The stylistic hallmarks of my poetry are rooted in adventure and discovery and tend to focus on themes of travel, nature, and culture, illuminating the beauty, passion, and brokenness found in people, places and events. That desire of my ancestors to look beyond the horizon lives within me.

A late bloomer to the poetic form, I visited South America in 2018 by honorable invitation of The Society of Writers of Chile, presenting my poetry in the birthplace of Latin America’s first and celebrated Nobel Laureate in Literature, Gabriela Mistral. My poems first featured at the International Literary and Arts Festival of Santa Ana in El Salvador in 2017.

By trade, I own and operate a boutique travel and music communications firm, Guest Public, which has afforded me the good fortune to work on several Texas music projects including the Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Association, Texas Songwriter U, and alongside performance rights organizations, GRAMMY Award-winning artists and many Texas Hall of Fame songwriters.

I have also partnered in Argentina-based Caburé Films which feeds my love for Latin America travel. In a past life I started media brand Centro Y Sur, recognized as 2011 Publication Design of the Year, and in 2006 co-founded Pure Golf, Inc., which became the PGA TOUR Radio on SiriusXM. A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Missouri at Columbia, I also spent nearly a decade in commercial and public sales and marketing with tech giants Dell and SolarWinds.